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What is Dry January?

Dry January is a popular annual challenge in which people commit to abstaining from alcohol for the month of January. It's a chance for people to observe and reset their relationship with alcohol, improve their health, and potentially save some money.

There are many benefits to participating in Dry January. Alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to fatigue, so by eliminating alcohol for a month, people can experience better sleep and feel more rested and alert during the day.

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Dry January is scientifically proven to improve drinking habits 6 months after the challenge ends.

In 2016, a research study followed 857 participants that participated in Dry January.

Six months after the challenge, participants were still drinking less.

In other words, doing a 31-day challenge can benefit you all year.

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Enjoy the benefits of Dry January all year long.


Less drinking days per week

Participants in the study saw a significant reduction in drinking days per week


Less drinks & drunkenness

Participants were also consuming fewer drinks per typical drinking day at the 6-month follow-up.


Improved ability to decline drinks

Participants also saw an increase in "DRSE" scores, or "Drinking refusal self-efficacy"


Say bye to hang-xiety in 2023

Reset your relationship with alcohol and enter into a year of mindful drinking.

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